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See more » That a film as good as CLEOPATRA is was created at all under the madness and panic of it's legendary production is indeed an amazing feat.

The depth of the colors and the richness of the shadows are indeed splendid.

CLEOPATRA remains as seductive, beautiful, and intelligent as it was in Walter Wanger's original conception.

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Since Jason is Dane's roommate, he hires Dane to do his specialty.

By this point, we're 20 minutes into the movie and it made me laugh twice and is otherwise pretty lame. Then, Kate's roommate preps her for the date to sow some wild oats and the real fun begins.

It is said that they are still looking for the missing film; one can only hope that they succeed in this task. Particular praise must go to Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, Martin Landau, Robert Stephens, Andrew Keir, and Roddy Mc Dowall.

Lastly in this department there remains Elizabeth Taylor's performance as Cleopatra.

The Roman is immediately infatuated; banishing Ptolemy, he declares Cleopatra Egypt's sole ruler and takes her as his mistress. When Mark Antony, Caesar's protégé, beholds Cleopatra aboard her elaborate barge at Tarsus some years later, he is smitten and becomes both her lover and military ally. The print and the sound of CLEOPATRA seems now to surpass what I recall it to be in its first presentation nearly forty years ago.

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