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As this suggests, its a large scythe that also fires high-caliber sniper rifle ammo.

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See our Warrior changes in Wo D post for all the changes, though some will be noted below.

All of the changes were intended to streamline the character and reduce “button bloat” (from too many abilities.) Even with all of the changes the Arms Warrior can lay down plenty of hurt.

Get Leveled Faster, even in Warlords Changing talents is easy and works just like changing glyphs.

Bring up your talent page in-game, click the row you want to change, spend the indicated dust/powder/tome, and pick the new talent. Second Wind is used by many, Impending Victory heals you right now.

Season 2 Warlords Pv P gear has occasional sockets, but only in gear that is randomly generated, such as from boxes won or Gladiator Sanctum work orders. All Wo D gems will fit into any Wo D sockets that Note that the “perfect” gem cuts have the same stats as the regular gem. Save your gold and grab the cheap one (they’re shown in the table, below.) If your cash flow is bad, such that you can’t buy the gems, then you should check out these gold secrets. If you want to buy the best enchants, fund all of your alts, donate to the guild, etc., Warriors lost some stuff in Wo D, including your banners and Symbiosis (which would let you and your Druid borrow an ability from each other.) Here are your Arms specific abilities as they stand in Warlords.

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