Women wearing wide belts intimidating

Dan Hawke, House of Gord, Backdoor Bondage, Natasha Flade, Red Feline, ZFX, etc.

And also wrote: Perhaps someday we can get a member of the Gimp party in the White House... I say, let's aim high - a GIMPer in the White House in 2012!

------- Ralphus wrote: ..[The Perils of Gwendoline] kind of blew it on the bondage, at least as far as recreating the kind that Willie was known for.

We see the guards take them in, then we hear screaming inside, and finally we see the result: the three are stripped and shackled to the ceiling by their necks (but not bound hand or foot) and have to spend the day and night in a standing position.

They include buxom platinum-blonde Karine (Gambier), sweet little Barbara (Esther Studer) and strong, silent type Aida (Gouveia).

From now on, I promise I will not mention her name again on this forum. Finally finished up the review and you can read it below. The crates of bananas and vegetables in the back conceal a handful of young women.

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