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So try not to get frustrated when he suddenly refuses his favourite foods.

Just accept that he'll eat it again in time, and remove the plate without comment.

Just be sure to offer different foods throughout the days and weeks.

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Your toddler’s appetite may well vary so that he eats lots at some meals, and barely touches anything during others.

But most toddlers are generally good at regulating their own food intake, if allowed to do so. Here are some tips to help you make mealtimes easier for everyone: Eat well and eat together, if you can Provide a variety of healthy foods for your toddler at each meal. A ham sandwich with a side salad, followed by some yoghurt, covers the main food groups.

Get more tips and advice on how to feed a fussy toddler. She doesn't have teeth yet and she doesn't like to eat the mushed food anymore. i cant get my 2 yr & 10mnths to eat anything else apart from cereal, oatmeal and porridge from hes 1yr old. i dont know what to do to improve his eating habits.

Angeliki is a week away from her first b-day and she weighs 8kgs and she is 71cm tall and her head is 45cm. because he eats only those, he hardly put on any weight and doesnt keep it on for long.

Once your toddler is two, you can start offering semi-skimmed milk, but avoid skimmed milk until he's at least five. May I respectfully suggest: Taste 'n' Tell A wonderful new series of books based on sampling healthy food,using rhyming couplets & characters, 'making kids' food fun.

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