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If you have a visa in your passport you must have either an EU driving license or been in Europe less than 6 months.

To rent a car in France the minimum age is 18 years and you must have held your driving license for at least 2 years.

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Whether landing in Paris, vacationing in the French Riviera or are heading out on a road trip in the French countryside we have your mobility needs covered with our extensive fleet and network of convenient rental car locations.

We offer over thirty locations in Paris and you can find our affordable services at convenient airport, city and train station locations around the country.

The Eiffel Tower is still one of the tallest manmade structures in France, even after over 100 years since its construction.

You can view Paris from three platforms on the wrought iron structure, and even if you have seen countless pictures of the Eiffel Tower it never fails to impress when you are at the foot of it.

Check our Rental Information page for country specific information.

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