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The film sheds light on controversial behavior modification methods used on children, sent there by their parents, at an Evangelical Christian reform school "Escuela Caribe" located in the Dominican Republic.

Tom De Santoexecutive producer of the X-Men and Transformers films is also involved with the project.

He also wrote, mike manning dating and starred in the short horror film Campsite Killer.

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w=300&h=209" alt="" /Men, lost her only son, Michael to drug addiction, she sought relief from her grief through seeking knowledge on how to help addicts and their families.

“As a parent, I knew about the social stigma attached to drug addiction.

I can't promise anything and I can't jump over the moon, but it takes time for all wounds. Of course I still love her, but mentally right now, I think everything takes time.

I take full responsibility for my actions and things that I've done in the past.

The bill would take steps to regulate against neglect and abuse in residential programs like Escuela Caribe.

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