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When the night was over, he humble-bragged to his 10.9 million Twitter followers: “Tonight was a night I will never forget.

#Barack Obama #happybirthday.” OK, we know what you’re thinking: What the hell?

In 2007, after a series of appearances on the Disney Channel, everything changed.

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I’m always cautious about the food I put in my body.” Hardcore strength training, however, can be risky for some type-1 diabetics, because it makes the body more sensitive to insulin and more susceptible to dramatic drops in blood glucose.

“So we always keep glucose in the gym,” Miele says. And as for diet, we got his blood work done and put him on a specific blood-type diet to make sure he wasn’t eating any inflammatory foods that would hinder his goals or set us back.” Jonas trained harder than he ever had, and he relished the experience.

He especially enjoyed the anonymity of a private gym, where, he says, he could be competitive with the only person who mattered: himself.

“It’s important to stay in your lane,” Jonas says of his routine.

had a field day with them, devoting an entire episode to skewering their “purity rings.” Frankly, no one would blame you for figuring that a guy like this would be sharing the bill at Chili’s Summer Concert Series with Hanson and 98 Degrees, doing occasional stunt-casting walk-ons on sitcoms, and signing autographs for $25 apiece at has-been teen-idol music conventions.

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