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But then I found myself really defending him.' The key, he thinks, lies in 'making sure that people understood where that arrogance comes from.

It charts their careers – Emma, an idealist with dreams of being a writer, initially struggles in the backwaters, working in a Tex Mex restaurant while composing bad poetry in her spare time, before becoming a teacher and finally a successful writer of children's novels.

Dexter, meanwhile, goes travelling, then falls into tele-vision and finds dubious celebrity presenting vapid youth programmes, but soon spirals into the hinterland of cable gaming shows, relying on drugs and alcohol to prop him up.

That that’s the balance when choosing acting projects?

No mention of his love life in this article but he and Doona Bae were together in Cannes and she confirmed that he was her boyfriend.

He is tall, fine-boned and looks younger than his 30 years.

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