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Then she would return to her hostess stand and he would resume the life of a superstar golfer.

“My feelings were growing strong for him,” she says, and she brushed it off when her fellow workers complained that he tipped a paltry 15 percent when paying with his black American Express card. She was getting dressed to meet him—by then she was wearing lace panties in his favorite color, cherry red—when he called to say he’d be a few minutes late. “I want to be inside of you,” she says Woods would text her urgently, on the rare occasions when she told him she was busy—in the middle of getting groceries or tending to a sick cat.

He did it from the back.”Once again it was over in minutes, and the lovers went their separate ways, leaving the telltale tampon in the parking lot. “He said, ‘We’ll take care of it,’” she recalls, adding, “That’s when their brush-under-the-rug, the cover-up, happened.” (Steinberg declined to be interviewed.)The parking-lot incident was allegedly used as leverage against Woods and his coterie of advisers, called Team Tiger.

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“He tried swiping it a couple of times and it wouldn’t open the door,” she recalls.

“And he’s like, ‘Follow me.’”She guides me to a church parking lot behind the office building. But she followed his Escalade in her car, as she always did, even though she was “kind of leery, because there was a car with headlights on that was positioned our way. He wanted to do it in the back of the Escalade,” she continues as we reach the spot where Tiger parked that day.

“It seemed like every time I was, he would call or text me.” He was definitely in an excited state that day. I’m at a children’s function right now.”She says he put her in contact with his agent, Mark Steinberg, the managing director of golf at IMG Worldwide, the global sports and entertainment talent agency.

“He told me to pull my underwear down and pull out my tampon, and we went at it with me pressed against his Escalade. According to Lawton, she told Steinberg the whole story of Tiger, the tabloid, and the tampon.

An array of women, including waitresses, nightclub hostesses, escorts, and porn stars, some of whom, like Lawton, were convinced that they were the only one with whom he had cheated. If Tiger wouldn’t talk—aside from his primly scripted public apology, on February 19—it was soon clear that the women would.

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