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“ICM’s new and improved SMT™ process offers tremendous value in itself, and ICM’s bolt-on technologies are the leading upgrades to position your corn ethanol plant for the next technological innovation,” stated Steve Hartig, Vice President, Technology Development.

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Joseph, MO, in conjunction with a growing list of strategic partners spanning multiple industries. – March 15, 2017) – With a significant decrease in the electrical load requirement, same production yields and new opportunities for improved operations, ICM is proud to announce a new advanced design of ICM’s Selective Milling Technology™ (SMT™).

This proven technology allows plants to produce increases of up to 3% ethanol yield and up to 15% distiller’s oil recovery, and ultimately, increased revenues.

These type of biorefineries can bring an expected 100 new jobs to the communities where they reside in the region as well as numerous indirect jobs and significant labor positions during its construction.

At full rate, one 200 million liter biorefinery will originate over 500,000 metric tons of corn sourced primarily from the local area.

Technologies comprised the corn to ethanol process and two patent-pending processes to increase ethanol and oil yields, Selective Milling Technology™ and “We see enormous business opportunity for both the agricultural community and the renewable fuels industry in Brazil,” said Tim Allen, VP Finance.

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