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They have showed us a happy marriage style with loving and funny attitude. Totally loved the height difference by the way the 2.

With culture differences and language barrier they still shine on the screen. They bicker, tease and make fun of each other, yet at the same time they care for each other in smaller fine details ( surprise events, being considerate) and they were so sad to part ways in the end.

Their relationship started beautifully but they had difference of expectations in the middle... Step bu step how they know each other just like a real couple. I think the reason why I loved the two is how the show and their relationship were really integrated amidst their busy schedules. They would go on dates like how idols and actors would actually do -- short, simple yet memorable.

Even though they had communication difficulty due to Gui Gui's poor English, they still did their best to care for each other.

I think that is the most important thing in a marriage.

Jae Rim is showing what an ideal husband should it be for her wife and So Eun is doing a good wife as well, for complementing his husband for every effort that he did to her. No trying hard expressing their love towards each other, especially Jae Rim. No perceived hidden agenda; just going with the flow. I think both of them have real feelings for each other, that's why they were happy in every episode. I really love the way Nichkhun always carried Victoria in bridle style.. Yura and Hong Jong Hyun (Jjong Ah Couple) Their progress is hard to believe just for the sake of the show.

If their virtual marriage comes to an end and back to their personal life, I hope Jae Rim will find time to court/date So Eun for real despite of their busy schedule, as the saying says "If there a will, There's a way" Congratulations on their virtual marriage life! Somehow this couple make me believe WGM is not scripted. The only thing that make me realise this is a reality "show" is the stark editing. You can feel their happiness, I think if it weren't because of their idol status, they would've really dated. Really feel like reality when two human being can't help fall in love to each other and hold back for something.

Their interaction is very real and natural like a real couple would... They totally have that opposite attaction thing going on.

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