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Anyone have any background on this 42-year old lady--country of origin, woods, etc.

It plays fine, though could use a tune up...anyone know a good person for this in Northern Virginia/DC area? says about serial numbers: How can I date/identify my Washburn instrument?

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When 1980s Japanese mandolins are referred to as "Old Washburns" we are in a really strange space-time continuum. Try again, fail again, fail better.--Samuel Beckett ______________________ '05 Cuisinart Toaster '93 Chuck Taylor lowtops '12 Stetson Open Road '06 Bialetti expresso maker '14 Irish Linen Ramon Puig say it's all-solid-woods, carved spruce top, maple back/sides.

As Graham and Allen have relayed, there was once-upon-a-time an ancient mandolin company that named one of their products "Washburn" (after one of the founders of the company.) Then there was an appropriation of the name for marketing purposes by a company based (or at least the instrument production based) in Japan. However, examples of mandolins from both eras are now (justifiably) considered "old" or potentially "vintage". Country of origin is People's Republic of China, I believe.

Only reservation is that the finish, while a nice colour and well-applied, is rather thick and glossy.

I've seen the more recent Chinese incarnations of the M3-SW, and while the specs read similar, they seemed rather lower build quality and more generic than mine.

Specs on the say it's all-solid-woods, carved spruce top, maple back/sides.

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