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"I think the problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf!

" Next time, Nigel, when you're sketching the scenery, learn the difference between inches and feet!

Some of them have left lasting marks on society, either through the causes they've advanced or the candidates they've supported. Here are the 20 most politically effective celebrities of all time, as selected by the editors of National Journal, a weekly magazine of politics and public affairs.

As power in the film industry shifted during the 1960s from the studios to the stars, Beat­ty helped to define the new opportunities available to Hollywood's brightest lights.

Just thinking about Melissa Mc Carthy roaring, "Look away!

" as she hops up on the bathroom sink, or Maya Rudolph deflating in the middle of the street in her poufy wedding dress as the Brazilian steak she ate for lunch beats a hasty exit makes us lose our own lunch while laughing.

But we laughed loudest when high jinks at the homecoming parade catapult a Playboy bunny through the air and into a prepubescent boy's bedroom: "Thank you, God!

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