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“You have to understand how crazy you’ve made me for six months,” Javi says, as if that justifies being a home-invading psycho.Kailyn told him not to call her a ho and defended her own actions, denying that she "slept with all these dudes" as he worded it.

They came together on the reunion after this incident and seemed to make at least some progress toward amicable co-existence.

With the news that he's dating someone, however, old wounds are likely to be reopened and their issues exacerbated once again.

She insists that she's completely turned her life around since welcoming a daughter, Harper, with co-star Tony Raines. She's not happy that Javi may soon have another child in his life, as she feels it may draw his attention away from their son Lincoln.

Of course, Kailyn is pregnant with her third child at the moment, having said she didn't want any more kids - to Javi - just last year. The recent break-in pretty much summed up the state of Javi and Kailyn's relationship these days, as emotions are running high.

We don’t just talk about being collaborative, we live it.

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