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So, with this highly scientific list of the best songs to have sex to, we are here to make sure whoever it is you are giving it to is going to text their friends all of the splash drops emojis about you afterwards. Don’t get your heart broken, kid.)All of these circumstances are ultimately your problem, but we can help with something, and it’s very, very important: the music you listen to. Not only does it set the #mood, it can change the entire vibe regardless of all of the aforementioned factors.

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We've beefed up our porno playground with brand new features that are light years ahead of the so-called competition.

Once upon a time, when an artist released a new album or single, you could expect a correlating music video to premiere on MTV shortly after.

The anecdotal evidence we have seems to indicate that human beings do the naked tango pretty much year-round. Additionally, the top 500 songs were analyzed through the Echo Nest's acoustic analysis to determine the most and least danceable, the longest and shortest, and on and on, which we've displayed (beautifully, if we do say so ourselves) below.

This comprehensive playlist (just below) was put together by canvassing Spotify's 1.1 billion playlists across 40 million users for instances of "sex" and "sexy" in the playlist title over the course of two weeks last summer.

Whether she's paired with Justin Timberlake, Drake, Ne-Yo, or Coldplay's Chris Martin, she knows how to catch your eye.

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