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What people try to do to fake a blank is return “” in the formula.

=IF(A1=””,””, A1) The result to you and me like a blank, but to Excel, “” is a text string, albeit a short one, and it is therefore assigned a value of zero.

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In the chart at the right, there is no point (wedge) and no corresponding data label where the empty cell would be plotted.

Apparently all charts except the Area chart provide a non-plotted point for an empty cell in the data range, though we can spoil that by selecting the option to treat a gap as a zero value.

=IF(A1=””, NA(), A1) What #N/A does is prevent the rendering of a marker in XY and line charts: notice the lack of markers and data labels.

It’s not a gap, but it’s pretty much the next best thing. The column and area charts place a data label showing #N/A at zero.

A function like BLANK() or NULL() would be nice, and we’ll keep asking. And if we really need it, we can hack something in VBA.

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