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If there are samples that you miss or you find issues then please register an issue and let us know what you think!

Bing Translate Sample | VS 2012 source Sample illustrating using the Bing translator API from Http Client.

Custom Media Type Formatter Sample | detailed description | VS 2010 source This sample illustrates how to create a custom media type formatter using the Buffered Media Type Formatter base class for formatters which primarily are using synchronous read and write operations.

In addition to showing the media type formatter, the sample shows how to hook it up by registering it as part of the Http Configuration for your application.

Here is a list of the Web API and Http Client samples you can find in our samples repository on aspnet. For details on how get up and running with the samples, please see the blog ASP. You can also check out additional information about ASP.

They illustrate various features of Web API and Http Client targeting either Visual Studio 2010 using . NET Web API as well as find the Open Source runtime on Codeplex.

By exposing the data as a Web API applications on a variety of platforms can access the data as well. NET Web API, in addition to shipping as part of Visual Studio 2012, Entity Framework is available on Codeplex allowing you to dive right into the source and participate.

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