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User control not updating asp net

scoped values you have set back to the Settings object will be automatically saved.

You might think these value are saved back to the app.config file or the .config files mentioned previously but unfortunately no as that would be too easy. For example, my file was created at the following location: C:\Users\don\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Email Sender Net.vshost.exe_Url_layp1zjs3efmh3nnxgs3wj0if0kd3vz0\\user.config.

For each value you will choose the data type, scope and a default value.

These values will be saved in a file named app.config in your project folder and in a file named .config in output folders after builds such as \bin\Debug\ if building in debug mode.

We used to save our application or user settings in an INI file (dark ages) or more recently in XML files using our own code or classes borrowed from other developers. NET framework using Visual Studio can take advantage of built-in tools to simplify or speed up access and saving of runtime values. C# code uses a slightly different syntax the concepts are similar.

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