Updating firefox 2 to 3

Chris Ziegler of the technology blog The Verge wrote that Firefox OS would take app distribution to pre-i Phone era, requiring application developers to deal with multiple carriers and their app stores.

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There are some that are designed for the developers themselves and others that are consumer-phones.

There are also emulators for testing both apps and the OS itself on the desktop which are designed for both OS testing and the developers themselves.

Mozilla is making the most of this with the search functionality built into Firefox OS, a core feature of the platform.

Janne Lindqvist, a mobile security researcher at the Rutgers University WINLAB, expressed concern about the discovery mechanism of a Web-based platform, but a Mozilla spokesperson has stated that Mozilla requires developers to "package downloadable apps in a zip file that has been cryptographically signed by the store from which it originated, assuring that it has been reviewed." In addition, "apps coming back from search are given only limited access to device programming interfaces and applications, unless the user grants permission for further access." The structural similarities between Firefox OS and Android allow the Mozilla platform to run on a number of devices that ship with Android.

Mozilla announced at a press conference before the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the first wave of Firefox OS devices will be available to consumers in Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela.

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