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Ask yourself what you associate being strong in a relationship with? Ask yourself what you associate being vulnerable with, because trust me, if you associate being vulnerable with some terrifying trap, you can be damn sure that the moment you’re in a position of being vulnerable, you’ll be doing everything in your power to minimise it.

Remember: take the focus off them and bring it back to you.

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I’ve written before about lovenomics, which is about our desire to have someone make us the exception to their rule of behaviour.

It’s all about love against the odds, overcoming obstacles and adversity and suffering pain in the pursuit of love.

men and women who are capable of being in loving relationships out there.

Every, single, solid day, people forge relationships with healthy people who they share similar values with and want the same relationship.

When you start distancing yourself from your old pattern and end an unhealthy relationship, you may find yourself dating other people and behaving in ways that are reminiscent of your old partners.

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