Stigma against online dating

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Despite the stigma it may have, online dating can be a good tool when used wisely by mature people.

That’s a broad statement, so I want to unpack it with the help of an unlikely ally: actor and comedian Aziz Ansari who published a book on relationships and the internet age called .

These boundaries require self-awareness, which is often learned through honest conversation and accountability.

Before diving into the dating world, work through questions like the following with someone you trust to learn more about yourself and your boundaries: While establishing and maintaining these boundaries is vital to your success in pursuing a romantic relationship, dating also requires you to cultivate realistic expectations. Expecting it doesn’t always make it easier, but it can help soften the impact. Expect to invest a significant amount of time and energy. It’s often more paralyzing than freeing to have unlimited options.

Look for the little details that make them unique (and lovable).

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