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Almost 11,000 of the recorded incidents (around 87 per cent) were against men, 1,600 (13 per cent) against women and 37 against people classified by the police as transgender.

The majority of people affected were white, at 45 per cent of incidents, while 36 per cent were black, and 10 per cent Asian.

Guns were trained on suspects 281 times, equating to roughly three times a day, but shots were only fired in two incidents, with one believed to be the London Bridge terror attack.

In another case, a baton round was used, while police fired Tasers 100 times, used CS gas 68 times and ordered a dog to bite someone 17 times.

Footage posted on Sunday by police monitoring campaign group Netpol showed scuffles in a street in Aston, after a confrontation involving a plain-clothed officer and a man who was asked to move away.

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