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Ventilation is poor but there are effective quarter light windows in the door windows, which whistle loudly.

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It’s stable at speed, but there’s about an inch of free movement at the 17in wheel rim, which is partly the old-fashioned steering box, partly the tall 15in Dunlops.

So you need to think your way through the corners, turn in, apex and exit points; it’s as much about vision as it is the car’s dynamics, but you have to concentrate.

That rear suspension imposed a high rear roll centre and encouraged large camber and toe-in changes according to the wheel travel.

The problem was fixed for the later roadster versions of the 300SL, but quite how Rudi Uhlenhaut, Mercedes-Benz’s legendary engineer/chief designer allowed his gorgeous car to be offered to the public with such a flaw is understandable, if not altogether excusable. Since the boom in classic car prices, gullwing values have gone nuclear.

There’s a steadfastness about the way it rides, with no squeaks or rattles from the latches and catches. In two months this remarkable car will be celebrating its 60th as a road car at the Festival of Speed.

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