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“Tasting Groups” are a great way to approach the same type of tasting that wine professionals get to experience all the time, in which a group of similarly minded wine drinkers pool their funds and host themed tastings. Christina lives in New York City, lawyer by day, student of wine by night.

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Currently pursuing her WSET Advanced qualifications at International Wine School in Chelsea.

Justin Samuel at GSA sent me these images from the annual meeting in Charlotte.

The New York City event included wines from 60 of the approximately 209 producers of Brunello.

With 60 producers, each showing 2-4 wines, there were literally of wines to try. A whirlwind, much like I imagine speed-dating feels like (do people take notes when speed-dating?

I’m grateful to the session’s organizers, Declan De Paor, Steve Whitmeyer, and John Bailey, for organizing the symposium and inviting my participation. Terry Pavlis (one of the other presenters) and I were both quoted in this press release about the event.

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