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You may have spotted other commuters and bike couriers balancing, seemingly effortlessly, at traffic lights and thought that they were just showing off their superhuman bike skills.

However, there’s much more to this little manoeuvre than showboating.

When you are comfortable, come to a slow stop with your wheel pointing uphill.

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If you normally ride clipped in switch to trainers for confidence. This will help you get a sense of how to balance your weight.

Go as slow and tight as you can and try to use smooth movements.

If your bike fits you properly you should be able to ride in the drop position for large parts of your ride.

You may also need to do some stretching as tight hamstrings and an inflexible lower back makes it harder.

Using music that has a beat similar to an optimal cycling cadence will help you to pedal faster if you can match your cadence to the rhythm.

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