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Patients calling 999 are being refused ambulances and told to make their own way to A&E.During periods of high demand, call handlers are told not to dispatch any ambulances to 'low priority' emergencies.If you find you’re unable to talk to each other without bursting into nervous giggles, or you run the risk that your housemate is going to hear your dirty talk through the wall, turn the mics off and text each other some helpful suggestions.

They are being used on patients whose conditions aren't deemed immediately life-threatening, such as back pain, abdominal pain, falls or heavy bleeding.

Details of the Skype and Face Time trials were revealed by former South Central Ambulance Service emergency call handler Karen Frederick, who says patients are being failed because the service is so overwhelmed.

But if someone is stalking you or harassing you or threatening you, that would be a good use of the "report abuse" button.

I assume there is some way to do this from the "squares" view, as well as the list view, but I have not figured it out yet.

They include patients with broken bones, heavy bleeding, severe abdominal pain or even those who have accidentally cut off their fingers.

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