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The presence of the remains of Pleistocene bear, camel, antelope, and shrub-ox indicated to geologists and paleontologists that sinkhole at this site might be filled with Late Pleistocene, possibly terminal Pleistocene, sediments.Numerous attempts have been made to radiocarbon date these sediments.

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The area of Mammoth Site of Hot Springs enclose a prehistoric sinkhole that formed and was slowly filled with sediments during the Pleistocene era.

The sedimentary fill of the sinkhole contains the remains of Pleistocene fauna and flora preserved by entrapment and burial within a sinkhole.

The teapot has two double-rimmed ivory insulators, and the bases of all three birds are stabilized by the snakes beneath their feet.

Each feather is rendered and incised individually, as is each realistic scale on the snakes’ bodies.

This site has the greatest concentration of mammoth remains in the world.

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