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The crazy proliferation of gossip sites, news outlets, blogs and social media platforms over the last few years means that there's many more voices chiming in about any given gossip story and many more opinions (good, bad, ugly) being expressed.

People Magazine and Page Six aren't the loudest voices in the room anymore -- not when you have Amber Rose on Twitter.

What's equally, if not more, important is the fact that the Internet has made the whole publicist-as-gatekeeper-slash-crisis manager-slash-spin doctor outmoded.

Sure, mainstream publications still value their good relationships with publicists, who can provide them access to (or freeze them from) their famous clients, but when you have Reddit, Tumblr, and various celebrities going rogue on Twitter, it's clear just how limited a PR firm's control over the conversation actually is.

But few do it as gracefully—or make their hats look as chic—as Shoshanna Gruss (née, Lonstein).

Gruss made a name for herself in the fashion industry when she launched her eponymous collection in 1998 when she was just 22.

Her collections, specialized for large-busted women, are carried in 250 stores across the nation.

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