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She was hoping he would send her money, but instead Frank decided to chat to her using only Adele lyrics.He kicked off with the words from her smash hit comeback track Hello, which was all over the radio last year. "Hello," he replied, prompting her response: "I think you are sexy man." Frank sent back: "Hello, it's me." "Yes, I know," the confused woman said.After Frank said he needed to apologise for everything he'd done, she wrote: "Maybe you mistake me for other woman? "If I ever meet you I will kill you and your family you f****** f***." The exchange has gone down a storm online, with Reddit users laughing about how fun it was and sharing their amazement that it took her so long to figure out something was up.

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"I must have called a thousand times (thousand times)," was the message which broke the camel's back.

Most are not worthy,but we made the record at the Beverly Hills hotel taking about 6 months,with many friends invited, I amongst then.

Sexy red head in the front with the Sweet smell of colitis flowing through here hair, when we got there the mission bells rang. I always took this song to have a somewhat literal beginning.

We can all imagine driving on a dark highway, seeing lights ahead, and hope to find a good motel to spend the night.

The bell captain took one look at me and said "we haven't had that spirit here since 1969.

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