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The number of slave girls varied throughout the years, but the one constant was Mother. She was actually my real mother, but the other girls may or may not have been sisters in the biological sense. Father's main income, besides the crops he sold, were from buying and selling slaves.Mostly female, but I remember that he kept a few males out in the barn, either for heavy labor or stud service.

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Memoirs of a Slave Girl Part 1: The Early Years I am a slave.

These are, after all, memories, and tend to come to me in little fragments of faded pictures, than anything else.

I also am not an accomplished writer, having not learned any significant literary skills until I was in my fifties. This is also not meant to be a stroke story, but if you happen to feel the need, please, by all means, go ahead.

Note that I didn't say "Birth Certificate." Slaves \have Ownership Papers, not Birth Certificates..

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