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I figured he might be able to help me get to the bottom of whether shoe-tossing was associated with gangs or urban violence.He said that when he was young, he’d throw shoes up on the power lines to let folks know his crew, the 57th Street Rogue Dogs, ran that block.“The Chicago guys, and a lot of the St.According to Mike Claffey, a City of Chicago spokesman, requests for removing shoes from power lines have dropped by 71 percent between 20.

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The curiosity about shoes hanging on power lines is practically ubiquitous.

Our questioner, Matt Latourette, saw them all the time growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s in Chicago’s Belmont Central neighborhood.

Not one said they linked it to drugs.“To me it’s like an urban legend, especially the drug spot thing,” said Robert Aspholm, a social worker, childhood shoe-tosser and a doctoral student at University of Illinois at Chicago working on a dissertation on African American gang dynamics in Chicago.

He was highly skeptical of the drug theory because, as he put it, “No one is going to put what they’re doing out there in that type of way to set themselves up to be arrested.”Another sociologist I corresponded with, Randol Contreras, grew up in the South Bronx and had his own fun tossing his shoes up on power lines.

Although this crime is considered a misdemeanor, certain circumstances make it a felony.

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