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Social media posts that prove innocence and the prosecution wants them suppressed??? That little stunt flies in the face of West Point Spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Chris Kasker said in his carefully worded statement that the court-martial was convened to find the truth.There was no attempt to find the truth; the only thing that was done was to do everything and anything possible to convict. Why was it necessary for the defense attorney to introduce text message evidence?Shouldn’t that have been done before the case went to court-martial?

Apparently he didn’t tap her on the shoulder to ask for permission first, and thus she concluded that he was guilty of “inappropriate” behavior.

[2] An attorney familiar with the case who wished to remain anonymous stated that the “word on the street” was that Saul’s accuser made the allegations after he dumped her.

Apparently the accuser’s lies were so blatant that even the uber-politically correct Army had to find Saul not guilty.

Let’s hope the Army does the right thing and commissions Cadet Saul as a Second Lieutenant with all back pay and allowances, and allow him to proceed with his career.

According to news reports, the incident(s) happened in 2012.

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