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Sex dating in tunisia

Tunisia has a diverse economy, with important agricultural, mining, tourism, and manufacturing sectors.

Governmental control of economic affairs while still heavy has gradually lessened over the past decade with increasing privatization, simplification of the tax structure, and a prudent approach to debt.

A 2008 survey of 130 domestic workers in the Greater Tunis region found that 52 percent were under the age of 16; twenty-three percent claimed to be victims of physical violence, and 11 percent of sexual violence.

Ninety-nine percent indicated they had no work contracts and the majority received salaries below the minimum wage. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009 introduced a Code for the Protection of Children, including a rapid reaction task force to intervene in emergencies, under the direction of the Family Judge, to ensure that the provisions of the Code are used.

Several Tunisian trafficking victims were identified during the reporting period in foreign locations; two women were rescued from forced prostitution in Jordan and three men from forced labor in Italy.

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