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I thought you might like to stop by the house for a visit." "Well Mrs. Sure, let's do it." It was a sunny afternoon with a temperature in the low 70's as the bright red Mercedes 450sl drove across the Golden Gate Bridge with its top down.

You and I had some good talks and I kind of miss them. She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet from thinking about what she was about to attempt to do. He had short curly black hair and skin that could not have been much darker. He reached for the handle on the passenger's side door. Actually I was hoping that you missed seeing me." Then Joyce reached over and rested her hand on Derrick's crotch. " "I know that you and Debbie broke up because she didn't want to have sex with anybody yet.

She drove into a lower middle class neighborhood just on the south side of the bridge and pulled up in front of the address she had been given. "No Derrick, I told you that you could drive." Joyce got out and Derrick got behind the wheel. That's a pretty drive." As they drove, they made small talk. At first, Derrick flinched and pulled back a little. She wanted to wait till she found her forever guy and she was not yet sure that it was you.

He and Debbie had split up but she knew how to get in touch with him.

She said that she would drop a hint and see if he might enjoy a little mature female company.

She and her friends Donna, Sue and Paula sipped their Manhattans and talked about the monthly get together that would happen that night. It was their love for sex with men other than their husbands.

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