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With contributions from various INTELLENET members, fellow member William F. Basic Private Investigation: A Guide to Business Organization, Management & Basic Investigative Skills for the Private Investigator, Charles C.

Blake, MS, CPP, CFE, has coordinated publication of three INTELLENET books that are available on the Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, ISBN: 978-0-398-08642-8 (Paper); 978-0-398-08645-9 (Ebook) Today's private investigator comes from two primary sources: (1) law enforcement agencies and (2) from academic environments.

This book is her seminal work of practice and procedures.

An increase in fraud cases has escalated government accountability and corporate oversight, and media attention on cases ranging from missing persons to white-collar crime has increased the visibility of professional investigators.

As restrictions continue to be placed on private investigative activities, private investigators need to reevaluate personal skills and discover how these may relate to expanding their services.

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