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I have friends and relationships with people from around the world that will last forever.

I have traveled to dozens of countries and have seen so many things that most sports cannot give you.

This week, we focus on one of the fan favorites on the Mutual of Omaha Gold Medal Team, Elizabeth Beisel, who happens to turn 23 years old today. Sports is a very male-dominated industry, so it means a lot when little girls look up to me or my teammates and use us as inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Beisel: I grew up in the Ocean State, so being safe around the water was something my parents were adamant about when I was a kid.

Beisel: If I could give someone a reason to become a swimmer, it would be related to all of the friends you make.

I was recently in Montenegro for a Speedo photo shoot, and I had a moment while I was there thinking about how incredible the sport of swimming has been to me.

I have won plenty of medals and broken plenty of records, but the happiness I experienced when I made my first team in 2008 is second to none.

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