Rumor validating

It has been argued that language emerged and evolved in the form of gossip, as it helped to solve adaptive functions of group living.

These functions include the need for a mechanism to sustain group cohesion and identify threats of free-riders invading the group (see Dunbar ), the sharing of even negative information about third parties may have positive outcomes for those who share the gossip.

They’re also tracking more than 500 of Barack Obama’s campaign promises and are rating the progress on Obameter. They keep a track of Obama’s campaign promises and whether he has delivered on them.

This is where the Meter currently stands: If you are interested in Political Fact Checking or in tracking Barack Obama’s Promises, this is your best resource. Whether you’re a voter, journalist, activist, student or interested citizen, use this free site to shine the light on the government. Not exactly a Fact Checking website, but it does keep a tab on how much contribution does a representative of Congress gets from a specific company or a lobby group.

In 2012, The Florida Times-Union reported that's urban legends researcher found a "consistent effort to provide even-handed analyses" and that Snopes' cited sources and numerous reputable analyses of its content confirm its accuracy. Mikkelson says he doesn’t know what it is — come from ads. Nor is the billionaire George Soros funding the site, although that is sometimes asserted in anti-Snopes stories.

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