Rich robinson is dating is divorced

The actor – who is best known for his role as Baldrick in Blackadder - was previously married to Mary Shepherd, the mother of his two children.

He ended their 20 year marriage in 1992 for 35-year-old singer Teri Bramah.

MTV was totally shallow and the bands on it representative of the corporate music business that we would never be part of.

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Tony, who is releasing his autobiography, told them: “She was absolutely cool about it.” He went on to say: “We’ve been married a long time.

It is just not an issue for us.” During his appearance on the show he also revealed how they met, telling the Loose ladies: “I was filming in the centre of London, it was a lunch time in Spitalfields and I went in to get a place and there was only one extra place on a table for two.

On Friday, Claudette Robinson filed counterclaims, alleging not only is she entitled to 50 percent of his compositions, but that her ex-husband has breached fiduciary duty, committed constructive fraud and anticipatorily breached the terms of a 1989 stipulated judgment made three years after their divorce.

The Robinsons were married for 27 years between 19. They sang together as part of The Miracles, but Claudette says that in 1964, she stopped touring to be able to take care of the kids.

' We were these aliens in velvet pants and blue eyeshadow, channelling the magic and mystery of roots music.

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