dating your roommate - Reverse dns is not updating

DNS is part of the Windows Server 2003 TCP/IP protocol suite and all TCP/IP network connections are, by default, configured with the IP address of at least one DNS server in order to perform name resolution on the network.Windows Server 2003 components that require name resolution will attempt to use this DNS server before attempting to use the previous default Windows name resolution service, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).One of the results of NAT’s ability translate public addresses at the router to private IPv4 addresses is that the advent of IPv6 addressing has essentially been delayed.

This allows the sending computer’s message to appear as if it is coming from another computer’s address.

When you masquerade the origin of a computer’s IPv4 address on a network it is known as a NAT firewall.

A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) uniquely identifies the hosts position within the DNS hierarchical tree by specifying a list of names separated by dots in the path from the referenced host to the root.

The next figure shows an example of a DNS tree with a host called mydomain within the The FQDN for the host would be mydomain.The DNS domain namespace, as shown in the following figure, is based on the concept of a tree of named domains.

Each site that needed to resolve host names on the network downloaded this file.

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