Quotes dating idiots

They wouldn’t put a terrible idea in a film, they’d get sued. I’m so pathetic that as soon as you ordered me to piss myself I started the procedure. you know, from mixing the two measurement systems, a hangover of that kind. God, it’s so easy being a freak – no wonder they’re ten a penny.

It also isn’t really funny after the first couple of times you see it on on the quote boards.

Goodness knows all of us in long distance relationships can use a bit more funny in life, so I made it my mission this month to pull together a bunch of genuinely funny long distance relationship quotes. Then send the link to someone else in a long distance relationship who could use a bit of funny in their day.

If that isn’t true love, then please tell me what is.

They say, true love doesn’t mean being inseparable.

We can’t throw all that away just because I spy on you! I wonder if anyone has ever been this unhappy while drinking champagne.

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