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But he has not done a single assigned task correctly, and no one wants to work with him because his lack of knowledge and common sense makes even the smallest things difficult.

I asked him to assist me with some things after a few of my reports complained about him and I wanted to give him a chance, but it was a disaster.

No matter how is was explained to him, he didn’t understand why he had to catch all the errors the first time and eventually the task had to be given to someone else.

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He has a chortling laugh after he says something, whether it is funny or not.

He is bright enough to have done well at school with a tough major and made the dean’s list all three years he has attended college, but his lacking of basic knowledge, current events, and common sense things is a constant frustration. Everyone has faults, and interns are meant to learn and figure out how things work in the professional world.

If you haven’t done that yet, I think it’s worth a short investment of time (I’m talking about one to two weeks, not months) to give him some really clear, blunt coaching and see if it makes a difference.

If you don’t see a significant improvement after that, then yeah, it’s time to let him go — and do him the favor of explaining that it’s because he’s not following directions, so that he’s clear on how big of a deal that is in the future.

He didn’t know about: any of the issues with the current president, that there is conflict in the middle east or Somalia, or even that America fought in World War 2.

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