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If you believe your general knowledge stretches from the realms of classical music to Caribbean Islands then this quiz could be just for you.Remember, you if you fail to climb to the next level you can always go back and start again. Adding coordinators to written or spoken English improves the flow of words and the ability of the reader or listener to comprehend the content.

" is used to introduce a balancing statement of the nature of an exception, objection, limitation or contrast to what has gone before; sometimes, in its weakest form, merely expressing disconnection, or emphasizing the introduction of a distinct or independent fact. Everybody agrees that it's all right to begin a sentence with and, and nearly everybody admits to having been taught at some time in the past that the practice was wrong.

Most of us think the prohibition goes back to our early school days.

Eating bread and honey Munich is the capital of which German state?

A word category includes words that share the same properties—function in the same way. Lexical (word) categories include members with similar functions, called properties.

This General Knowledge Quiz is one of our ladder quizzes designed to test your general knowledge quiz acumen.

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