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Haul out your antique dictionary and attempt to translate it word for word.Note: This was especially enjoyable because the fun-loving Romanian powers that be decided to SWITCH UP the spelling of their language after 1989. Step 6 – Get half the words found and starting to be learned but be utterly confounded for hmm, I don’t know, a year or TWO about how in the world your dictionary (seemingly) doesn’t have half the words appearing in a mainstream newspaper.Step 20 – One day be at the store and the total is 6 lei and give the lady 11 lei and when she gives me a quizzical look, formulate my VERY FIRST ROMANIAN SENTENCE EVER which was “so the change will be a 5 lei note” and she smiles, understands and does indeed five me 5 lei back and I skip home walking on sunshine.

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Pe un site interesant am gasit acest articol care, cu toate ca engleza mea este destul de subtire, mi s-a parut de-a dreptul savuros: „Step 1 – Speak Italian and Spanish and then laugh and dismiss with a wave the Romanian language. Only remember one – opt – meaning the number eight. The first day I showed up in Romania, that’s the only word I knew.

Step 2 – Meet some Romanians in the United States, ask ‘em to tell you a bunch of words.

Step 13 – Take my first train ride with nobody helping me.

Step 14 – Get into colossal arguments with my landlord lady, who doesn’t really speak English and is damn sure unhappy about my apartment cleaning skills.

90% of the programming is American shows with subtitles, which helps a little.

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