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In San Pedro, Paulino suffers an economic crisis and Gabino demands Lucrecia's hand in marriage, but the very jealous Carmelo steps in and kills his father.

Julián is unjustly accused of this crime and Lucrecia is forced to marry Carmelo in order to prevent her father's financial ruin and to save Julián from jail.

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Matías Quiroga, the priest of the town of San Pedro, sees with a heavy heart that his friends are now enemies and are the principal obstacle for Lucrecia and Julián's love.

Unfortunately, Lucrecia and Julián are involved in an accident that costs César his life, and although they are both innocent, Rosario believes them to be responsible.

As a result of his infamy, Julián is tormented by the denizens of San Pedro, who nickname him El Chamuco (Mexican slang for "the Devil"), the pain of which he must carry for the rest of his life.

Years later, Julián and Lucrecia come across one another, when Lucrecia returns from school, and their love flourishes once more.

Meanwhile, Lucrecia gives Carmelo divorce papers, and he responds by ripping up the papers and raping Lucrecia.

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