1st dating email - Online dating 101 pdf

What was once speed-dating is now a "pheromone night" spent cautiously sniffing strangers’ T-shirts. It’s a brave new world in which finding a date is as easy as ordering a pizza — although not always as satisfying.

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“No one says you have to stay more than an hour if he/she is definitely not for you,” says Laurent.

(Phew — now you can go home and watch Be honest with yourself, and remember who you are.

And, in the city, they're changing even faster than usual.

Our hyper-distracted temperament, grass-is-greener FOMO, and impatient demands to get everything, like, yesterday are rewriting the rules of dating quicker than you can say "swipe right." What was once an afternoon (fine, a lonely Sunday evening) spent trawling Ok Cupid is now a five-minute Tinder blitz during a treadmill run. Boundaries are being crossed, rubbed out, and re-drawn.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to London a few months after launching Grindr.

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