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The photos help the Eagle Board of Review members better understand your project and it will be easier for you to discuss the project if you can show them the actual work in progress and the final results.

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This is not to say that service to the community is not important, just that leadership is equally important.

Hopefully you have been a member of a boy led troop.

(1) Wash your hands and the container you're gonna mix your dope in – soap and tap water is great.(2) If you can get some, sterile water is best for mixing the hit, and make sure the hit is completely dissolved!

(3) Filter your hit through a clean piece of cotton as you draw it up, and of course use a fresh new syringe! Find a reliable spot, like in the crook of your arm. Try to rotate where you hit..way you won't wear one spot out.

Remember, you do not have to DO any of the physical work yourself; you are responsible for LEADING others in carrying out the project and ensuring that everything is done the way you want it (i.e. If they hedge by saying, "I'll try to be there," (which often implies they do not really want to help, but are reluctant to tell you so) remind them about how important this is and how much you really need them While the adult leaders who are present during your project will step up to handle any real emergency, you as the project leader should prepare for the overall safety of your workers in your project plan. 4) states: Two registered adult leaders, or one registered adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of who must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings.

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