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It has come out of a vast book used on a lectern for monks to sing from in choir. I deliberately bought this leaf in the Madrid open air antique market, hating seeing it cut from an already damaged bound book with a razor, rolled up and given to me, because of the hole in the parchment, repaired originally by sewing, but where the sheep's or cow's leg had caused a less than perfect piece of parchment for this particular folio. I explained Spanish and Italian manuscripts deeply influenced each other, Italian scribes being in Spain and vice versa, as I found in my research on Brunetto Latino and Alfonso el Sabio's exchanging of manuscripts between Spain and Florence, and that Spain adopted Italy's beautiful rounded Bolognan libraria.

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We ourselves on the Internet can return to the glorious colours of Egyptian, Roman and medieval texts, lost with the cost-effectiveness of printed books of , is free.

Best of all is to carry out this task, as did medieval contemplatives, in prayer, in sacred conversation, with God, who gave us the promise of the rainbow, for all, young and old, schooled and self-teaching.

As with languages, keep pushing yourself to understand their written words, and attempt to hear them in your mind. What they quilled and quired was even sung, gloriously:re gracious & goode/ lorde god shewed me in/ party the wisdom & the trewthe/ of the soule of oure blessed lady/ saynt mary.

where in I vnder/stood the reuerent beholdynge/ that she behelde her god that is/ her maker. Boxed Facsimile and accompanying volume with essays: L.

(I remember, but do not have the citation to, an article by Norman Mailer on this aspect.) Once, on a manuscript scrounge in Belgium, from a train I saw on the side of a barn the most glorious , used for rubricating and decorating manuscripts, rather than tininess), we can see that Hildegard is first given a scroll from the hand of God, Ruusbroec inspired by the Dove of the Spirit.

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