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[more] - THE 2017 NZ COMEDY GUILD AWARDS Held in Auckland on Tuesday 19 December 2017.

The nominees and winners in the 2017 NZ Comedy Guild Awards continues to showcase the best and brightest in Aotearoas diverse and thriving comedy scene.

His relaxed yet energetic delivery invokes various distinct characters parents, siblings et al but for the most part it presents as the spirited account of a grown-up Boy, inviting us to join him on a voyage into that territory of the heart that we call childhood.

[more] See also reviews by: Leigh Sykes Ticks all the panto boxes Hawea playwright Liz Breslin, after telling a cynical Canadian friend she was writing a Christmas pantomime, was challenged to include the line, We reject your heteronormative realities. Does someone take us to die / do we ask them to come Faint ghosts in the room (projections) Are memories are people are us. [more] See also reviews by: Matt Tamariki Francesca Horsley (Theatrescenes); Jenny Stevenson (DANZ Magazine); Funny, frolicking and fabulous Moulder and Beauchamp (despite the latter having a non-speaking role) are both brilliant communicators, and one very quickly tunes in to every emotion and character-identification, as they romp through a hilarious retelling of the Baroque Opera Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell (1659-95).

[more] Ideal for a staff social-club Christmas outing?

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