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We handle your email with the same care as we do the emails you use to comment: they get used for nothing else and shared with Naked protesters pissed off about fundamentalist Islam: There are reports circulating on social media right now that these are organic local street protests in Lebanon against ISIS in 2015. This is actually a photo of Femen activists in Paris in 2013.

Malala is born in Mingora, Pakistan, to proud parents Ziauddin and Toor Pekai Yousafzai.

Ziauddin, an educator, promises that Malala will go to school and be treated with equality in his home.

Growing up in Swat Valley, often called the "Switzerland of Asia," Malala shares Ziauddin’s love of learning.

Ziauddin’s school is able to reopen and Malala is excited to return to the classroom.

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