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It covers a lot of the groundwork I was intending to write for this article about Islamic tradition and self-identification of religious belief.

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As readers of my blog will know, I was previously a devoutly practicing Muslim; born and raised within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

In my youth, I would study the nuanced doctrinal differences between There’s a lot of ground to cover, so at times, I will defer to articles and videos that explore this material, serving as your curator.

If we use the estimate of 20 million adherents to Ahmadiyyat along with a figure of there being 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth, we then arrive at an estimate of approximately 1.25% of the Muslim population being Ahmadi.

I would argue that the persecution of Ahmadis, their peace loving beliefs and their progressive interpretations on many issues make their impact disproportionately higher than 1.25%.

The doctrinal differences separating Ahmadi from Sunni affect the religious outlook of an Ahmadi Muslim far more than they do that of a Sunni Muslim.

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